Granite countertops are preferred by many. That is so because they have many qualities that make them the right choice for your kitchen. One of them is their durability. They can withstand heat, the abuse of children, and other harming factors. Granite is very hard and will not burn. Scratching it is extremely difficult. In addition, it is known for its uniqueness as no slab looks like another, whether it comes to color, pattern, lightness and darkness, or veining. What is more, this material is extremely affordable.

Marble is another kitchen countertops material that we specialize in installing. Since times immemorial, nothing has been able to match this material in terms of quality, durability, and beauty. Although it is very expensive, this is so for a reason. Marble was used by ancient civilizations to create statues that still stand today. It stands for luxury and opulence, so if you would like your home to feel like that, include this material in your plans for it. Like granite, it doesn’t burn, is heat resistant, and doesn’t scratch. It is definitely a classy touch that is worth investing in.

However, to make the most of both materials, you need a capable granite and marble contractor like our company to install your kitchen countertops properly, without much mess or waste of material, and in a way that it will last long.

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